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Play Jewellery shop esc

Jewellery shop escape game

Jewellery shop escape game

Description: Jewellery shop is the place where you can buy costly jewels and gems. It is a paradise for women whereas not a comfortable zone for men. Because, women choose costly jewels and men have to pay for it. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, many people buy jewels as it is a good investment. There will be lots of customers, shop keepers and security guards in a jewellery shop. But in this Jewellery shop escape game, a customer is trapped in the shop alone. Imagine yourself as the trapped customer and try to escape from the jewellery shop. Escape games have become very popular in recent times. This jewellery shop game is great treat for those who love to unlock things. You don’t need to have much computer knowledge to play this game as it is very simple and interesting to play. You can just read the instructions and start playing immediately.

Instructions: 1.Imagine what all hidden places you can find in a Jewell shop 2.Click on suspicious Objects 3.Find Puzzles and get keys 4.There are two rooms in all and the Second room is your way to escape 5.Solve even more puzzles in second room and chart your Escape!!!

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